“You What? Never! I don’t believe you…”

Up until recently I had been using an EOS 400D to take all my photos (Check my Flickr by clicking here). Most of my lenses had been Sigma lenses such as the 10-20 for landscape things. This was all I needed for two years or so for anything I did as back then 10.1MP was something to brag about in an enthusiast camera such as the EOS 400D. But as we know the camera world changes per day almost with new models, lenses and accessories being released all the time. The last few months meant that I think I’d reached the limit that my 400D could’ve brought me to. I’d been taking alright photos for quite a while with the occasional ‘great’ photo coming along now and then. I was happy enough with this but the limits of an enthusiast D-SLR are quite short-coming. For instance, not being able to set a Kelvin value for White Balance, a [very] small viewfinder, limited metering modes and un-intuitive menu systems with too many damn buttons to name but a few!

However two weddings later and with a few photo shoots planned for the near future it was obvious something needed to be done. Either better lenses or a bigger & better camera. I was originally glancing at second hand EOS 30Ds and 40Ds on eBay but found myself thinking that the asking price was never much below the price for a new one. So I thought “Oh well, just have to wait a few months more for prices to drop perhaps…“. A couple of days before leaving to come home from University I happened to wander into a Jessops in Aberystwyth. Browsing through the Canon window I saw a pre-owned EOS 5D + EF 24-105mm L IS USM going for £1,100. £1,100! An absolute STEAL! Of course, ordinarily I would never have even considered spending that much. But after I checked with the bloke behind the counter that this wasn’t some late April’s fool and nope…it was for real. Checked the bank and I even had the funds…well, only just. But definitely enough if I could find a buyer for my old Sigma lenses. Phoned another more local store and asked if they were currently accepting used stuff and they were. Albeit not a great price I accepted that perhaps even selling privately I wouldn’t get much more and thought once I get home I’ll pop in and get some of my money back.

Suffice to say that I bought the 5D + EF 24-105mm L and couldn’t believe the bargain I’d taken advantage of. Phwoar. To say I don’t feel privileged to hold a 5D is an understatement! I would never have thought myself having a full frame camera at this age let alone even an L lens! I ended up selling my Sigma lenses to my father’s mate from work who also has a 400D. I kept my 400D and an EF 50mm F/1.8 as a back-up body & lens for the odd photo shoot that I do. I’ve currently got two jobs on the go and the possibility of a third sometime before February. All is well with photography at the moment and will be for a long time! I can see it being quite a while before I get anything new for my kit bag…and that may end up being a bigger kit bag! 😛

One my first test shots taken from the top of Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth:


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