An Introduction, if you please…

I would like to introduce you to a rather cute and nifty blogging client (yes, there’s another one) called Drivel. It’s a GNU Linux application that can be found in the Ubuntu (and probably Debian) repositories. Now, what’s nifty about this particular piece of software compared to others is that it can be used with many blogs. This includes, and is not limited to, Drupal, Blogger, MoveableType, LiveJournal, WordPress and uses ATOM.

I’m using it to post, post? Yeah, it’s really simple to use. Select your Blogging site of choice and then simply choose your username & password settings! In the server settings simply enter the URL of the site’s server. For wordpress, as an example, this would be ““. Remember to include the last ‘xmlrpc.php’ – that bit’s important!

You don’t need to know any HTML to format or structure your blog posts either. Drivel will do that for you! It has inbuilt methods for inserting images, links, etc and even adding polls to your blogs! The pure reasoning behind this client is to keep things simple: no hazardous GUI menus, no 5 minute introduction every time you try to start a post…and definitely no hassle!

But why bother with a blogging client? In all honesty…clients can be difficult. Especially if you’re working around a firewall or network proxy that is out of your control and in the hands of some sys-admin. While it’s true that clients don’t contain the same functionality as the actual blogging website does…that’s really half the point! Keep things simple! Why bother messing around with menus, drop down boxes and messy user interfaces when you can just open Drivel and type, type, type! That is after all what blogging is all about. Providing information over the net via typing!

Get your fingers cracking and start typing ’cause this client is getting ready to blow the competition away 🙂


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