10 Hours, 3 Locations, 2 Photographers: Coming to a Cinema near you!

Heh, so not long ago a friend of mine, Rob Clark, asked me to help him out at a wedding he would be photographing in the near future. I obliged to help him knowing that he’s an awesome person, photographer and especially good with people. I knew I’d learn quite a bit from working along side him as a second shooter! Surprise, surprise…I learnt a lot. The wedding went off without a hitch and was full of smiles and laughter. The day went from Church, to trains and finally to a hotel. I took somewhere in the region of 3.5 Gigabytes of data. Needless to say, I’ll now be spending many hours post-processing and batch converting from RAW to JPG files very soon. Oh the joys of post-processing!

I took with me my 5D, 24-105 F/4 L, 430EX + diffuser, spare AAA batteries and my 400D + 50mm F/1.8 as a second body. I think I’ve taken quite a range of photographs yesterday and it should boost my portfolio quite a bit! Rob even said that he quite liked a few photos he saw on my LCD. I have a battery grip for my 400D but as I’ve only quite recently had my 5D I haven’t got one for that yet. I knew I missed having one but yesterday rubbed it in! Made me realise just how much of a benefit a BG-E6 for the 5D really is. So needless to say that’s what I’m eBaying for right now. I’m looking forward to getting some really good gear in the future. Hopefully the “hobby that funds itself” will be able to pay for most of it. I don’t have a long tele-photo piece of glass anymore as I had to sell my Siggy 18-200 OS when I got the 5D to soften the blow. So I’m keeping an eye out for something reasonably fast in the 70-200mm range. Some other stuff I’ve been looking up recently includes Gary Fong diffusers, wireless cactus triggers and I’ve been in need for a decent tripod in quite a while!

I’ll finish off with a photo of the master himself.
Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you, Robert Clark: The Wedding Expert!
Robert Clark, The Wedding Expert!


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